MasterFlux Smart

The first cloud-based conscious sedation system
with IOT technology.


7” touch display


N2O dial


Flush button


Flow dial


Led operation


Patient exhaled gas discharge


Gas mixture inlet

Simple to use

Suitable for all patients

Extremely safe method

Reduction of chair time for the operator

Shorter treatment times.

The use of conscious sedation in dentistry allows the patient to collaborate, consequently maximum treatability and shortening of treatment times.

+1session per day


+ 50 min.a day*

* you save 5 minutes less for each session. Daily savings calculated hypothetically on 10 treatments performed in sedation with an average time of 45 minutes per treatment.

Interconnected I.o.T.

Master Flux Smart is the worldwide evolution of electronic sedation systems. A model that integrates the MasterFlux Plus range, ensuring that all users can choose the most suitable model for their needs.

Connected to your safety system.

Mechanical-pneumatic safety devices and electronic control of delivery settings.

Calming design.

MasterFlux Smart is designed to create a pleasant, calm experience. The cylinders are fully concealed inside the device. This avoids creating a negative visual impact on patients.

Simple structure, intuitive controls.

A high-precision, highly reliable and easy-to-use product, interconnected to the cloud for data management (IOT).

Simple and intuitive, just a…touch away!

Real time controlNew
Backup of data and statisticsNew
Accessible from anywhereNew

Simple and accessible menus, designed for maximum operation effectiveness. The high possibility of customization makes the MasterFlux Smart control system extremely flexible and capable of adapting to the way the operator works or changes in the workflow.




Base Line – “Save” button displayed if value has not been previously set


Total flow (pressing on flow alternates display of individual flows)


Cylinder autonomy: the value expressed in litres is converted into minutes during delivery


Cylinder autonomy: the value expressed in litres is converted into minutes during delivery


Flow of % O2  


Flusso % N2O 


Aspiration of dental unit: if displayed, indicates flow in the event of active suction


Bar % N2O / % O2


Delivery / Recording: red dot when recording session data


% N2O / O2: pressing alternates between O2 and N2O

Tecno-Gaz leader in sedation for over 30 years


Master Flux Smart is the worldwide evolution of electronic sedation systems. Wi-Fi connection for easy
interfacing in all situations.


Download the MasterFlux Smart brochure.

It is an essential document to learn about the new MasterFlux Smart and the world of conscious sedation with nitrous oxide made in a modern and intuitive way.


To save time

To work better

Less stress in the chair



Reduced perception of pain

Positive experience

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is perhaps the branch that gains the most benefit from inhaled conscious sedation. This is considered the safest, most effective method of conscious sedation in paediatric dentistry.

Implantology and surgery

Implantological and dental operations are often lengthy procedures. Conscious sedation removes the perception of time, which results in increased patient cooperation and therefore makes the work of the dentist easier, quicker and less stressful.

Patients with phobias

Conscious sedation helps patients undergo dental treatment by reducing anxiety and fear. This makes the dental appointment more pleasant and relaxing.

Patients with special needs

They are patients who therefore require special precautions, so that the dental treatment can be carried out in a way that is a comfortable for them and calm for the dentist.